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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Lisa Cron

Lisa Cron is a story coach and the author of Wired for Story: The Writer’s Guide to Using Brain Science to Hook Readers From the Very First Sentence and Story Genius: How To Use Brain Science to Go Beyond Outlining and Write a Riveting Novel (Before You Waste Three Years Writing 327 Pages that Go Nowhere) both published by Ten Speed Press. More details to be announced!


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Meeting Fees

Beginning in 2018, the meeting fee is $15 for members. The first meeting for new guests is $15, the second meeting is $25. 

The option to pre-pay your 2018 meeting fees is being implemented for the coming year. Members wishing to prepay meeting fees can do so via the PayPal button below. There are two options: a six-month advance prepayment or a one year option that offers a discount.

Note: This is for the 6 meetings from the date of the pre-payment, not for a random set of meetings. The 12-month option is for the 2018 calendar year. If you are not a regular attendee, we advise against the pre-pay option.

Pre-Paid Meeting Fee Selection

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General Chapter Meeting Information

8:45 a.m. Doors open
9-9:50 a.m. Ask an Author
10:00 a.m. Chapter meeting begins with announcements.
10:25 a.m. Break and PAW/PAN adjourn to the next room for their session
10:30-11:30 a.m. Morning speaker presentation, usually geared toward general members and PRO members
11:45 a.m. Lunch Break. You are welcome to bring your own, go out to one of the nearby restaurants or place an order for lunch with us!

For more info about ordering lunch, click here

12:15 p.m. Chapter business meeting followed by the afternoon program
2:00 p.m. Meeting concludes

Our Meeting Location

Beginning in January 2018, OCC’s new meeting location is on the Cal State Fullerton campus. (see maps below). The January meeting will be held in the multi-purpose room, just north of the Gastronome. Weekend parking in the adjacent lot is free. The meeting location will also be posted on a sign outside the Student Housing office. Both the Student Housing office and the Gastronome are easy to navigate to through any map program.

Thanks so much, Steve for these detailed maps!







The December 2017 was our last meeting at the Brea Community Center.

Starting January 2018, OCC will be meeting on the Cal State Fullerton campus.


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